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Friday, September 13, 2013

Product Review: Scott Radian Fly Rods

Scott Fly Rods has generated some serious buzz about their new offering, the Radian, and we have them in the shop!

The overall idea was to make a fast, powerful rod that doesn't feel like a broomstick. Something with the responsive feel to fish all day long and actually enjoy the act of casting. A balance of "fast" and "feel".

Verdict's in: Scott nailed it with the Radian.

 The construction basically increases recovery speed without adding materials using some high-techy super-rad techniques like ReAct, X Core and FiberFuse technology. This translates into an incredibly nuanced feel with a ton of power that spans the techniques you'll use during the calendar year of a Puget Sound angler.

Equipped with an incredibly beautiful reel seat (burled box elder wood, 5 wt.), awards for Best in Show at the recent IFTD industry show and premium Portuguese cork in a full-wells style grip, the Radian is a stunner to be sure.

Come in and check them out! You'll notice the 5 wt. reel seat straight off and then have to go cast.

R905/4 9 ft. 5 weight 4-piece - $795

(Scott's Site) Truly an all-purpose fast-action 5 weight. The Radian 905/4 can turn over big flies or 16 foot dry fly leaders over a wide range of fishing distances. A powerful butt section paired with a sensitive tip make this rod incredibly versatile and almost effortless to fish.

(Local application) Yakima from high spring flows to fall BWOs. Pass Lake chironomids and leeches. Your new double-beaded/hopper-dropper/delicate mayfly dry/streamer rod. Yup. All that. And a drool-worthy reel seat.

R956/4 9 ft. 6 in. 6 weight 4-piece  - $795

(Scott's Site) The specialist streamer and nymph rod, the Radian 956/4 is the rod to reach for when you're fishing deep. Superb line control for long distance mending, and the power to deliver the "you can't be serious" nymph rigs

(Local application) Puget Sound beaches for SRC's, pinks and resident coho. Local rivers, throwing big flashy streamers for whatever's ready to grab.

R908/4 9 ft. 0 in. 8 weight 4-piece - $795

(Scott's Site) The Radian 9 foot 8 weight has the tippet protection and mending abilities you won't find in our S4s 8 weight. The Radian generates the line speed needed to turn over larger flies and still loads at closer range. Perfect for silver salmon, large trout, and heavy warmwater use. A great crossover saltwater for that occassional trip to the flats.

(Local application) Uh, Scott said it pretty well! A local big beach rig for coho, a rod for winter steel, lings, big bass poppers, chums and migrating to the flats for bonefish.