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Friday, August 23, 2013

Sage Approach Fly Rod - Quality For Late Summer Fishing Made Right Here In Washington on Bainbridge Island

Featuring a quick action that grows with you, the Sage Approach rod is a great choice for chucking streamers, big dries in windy conditions, learning the ropes with a subsurface pattern and generally pursuing late summer and early fall fish. We’ve got the 5-weight in stock right now in the kit* and as a stand-alone rod, both great choices for local trout on our Westside rivers and lakes, and fishing the beach in the fall.

Best used in places like this, the Sage Approach offers great entry-level performance that grows with you

Ounce for ounce, you get a lot of rod in the Approach. It’s a medium-fast action rod that stands up to Puget Sound winds and large flies anywhere you pursue fish. Sage classifies as a medium-fast action, which is to say that it’s still pretty quick on the recovery, but not so fast that you can’t pick it up as a beginner and benefit from the feel of the rod loading. The best part about the Approach is that it grows with you, meaning you’ll probably have this one in the gear closet for many trips to come because it’s always going to perform wherever you take it.

With high quality components like ceramic stripper guides for durability (the ones closest to the cork) and hard chrome snake guides and tip top, an aluminum reel seat, conscientious wraps, and a reverse half-wells grip, you’d be hard pressed to find a rod with a better look in the price range. C’mon in and try one out!

590-4 Sage Approach - 9 ft. 5 Weight 4 Piece Fly Rod - $295

*Package kit includes a Sage 1800 reel and Rio Gold line with a durable rod case and pouch for the reel for $475