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Friday, July 19, 2013

Simms Gear for Wet Wading

Doesn't get much better ...
We don't have long to enjoy what the rest of the country takes for granted when summertime rolls around: the feeling of actually splashing around in the water when it's hot out!

Here are 3 ideas to get you out and splashing:

Simms StreamTread Sandal - $89.95

From Simms: Searching for the hammock-lounging comfort of a favorite sandal combined with the technology of a burly, river-ready shoe? Look no further. Simms’ superhero sandal features a quick-pull system for lightning-fast lace-ups and wading boot outsole technology that conquers rock, concrete, rebar, and the myriad unmentionables of your favorite carp infested waters… as well as the campfire, beach, and back again—all in a day’s work.

Don't like the idea of not having the support of your favorite wading boot? Try the neoprene wading socks $19.95. Just pair them with your regular ol' wading boots to add a layer of light insulation and protection against pebbles and grit. These also work really well with the wading sandals!

Lastly, take advantage of the flip-flop weather with the Simms Ebb Flips $49.95 and Guide Flips $79.95. Not necessarily the best for wading in the river, but they sure take it easy on your feet.

Ebb Flips

From Simms: Proven architecture for stoked-to-be-in-the-sun feet, Simms’ EbbTide Flips combine the traction of non-marking siped rubber outsoles with the superior comfort and support of molded EVA midsoles. Featuring die cut EVA footbeds and water-resistant uppers for all-weather, wherever the world takes you travel and use.

Guide Flips

Simms’ new waterproof, full grain leather Guide Flip takes the flip-flop and raises the performance level with non-marking siped rubber outsoles and molded EVA midsoles for superior traction, comfort, and support. From boat deck to your favorite Goombay Smash-serving bar, the Guide Flip goes anywhere your intrepid (and sometimes wobbly) fishing legs may lead you.

Come on in and check 'em before you head out splashing in the warm weather.

Friday, July 12, 2013

A Simple Sand Lance Pattern for Puget Sound

What you'll need:

Gamakatsu SC15 or Tiemco 800S Saltwater hook in 2s and 4s for salmon, 4s and 6s for SRCs
Flat diamond braid
Bucktail - white, olive, chartruese or alternate (keep it sparse, y'all)
Flashabou - Pearl or alternate
High-tech super fishy Sharpe Permanant Marker Eye Applicator Device
3/0 thread in whatever color you like

Tied by our own Ben Waldschmidt