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Friday, September 20, 2013

New Rio Fly Lines For Fall Fishing: Rio Perception and Rio Short Head Spey

Our assortment of Rio lines is behind the counter, come on in and chat us up. 

Rio Products has come out with a few new lines recently, and they're worth checking out for fall trout and steelhead fishing destinations.

Rio Perception: A high-floating line without sloppy stretch to hook more fish!
First up is the Rio Perception trout line. They've reduced the stretch that contributes to sloppy mends and missed hook sets, added a cool 3-tone color scheme so you know where the front taper and rear taper are for accurate casts, and designed the whole thing to shed water and float high for easy mending and handling. They've also added an easy-to-identify tag on the front taper so you can pair up the right line with the right rod even after a season in the gear closet. 36+ ft. head and an all around taper offers superior performance for dries, nymphs, and streamers. MSRP $89.95.

Check out the vid (love these bungee sound effects): 

Next up is the Rio Short Head Spey. Rio characterizes it as a great line for those interested in honing their skills beyond fast-loading Skagit and Scandi heads, but we think this one will work if you're just getting into spey casting this fall on our local rivers. It features a mellow taper, mid-range grain weight and a 40+ ft. head which works great with shorter, 10 - 13 ft. spey rods, small rivers or tight quarters. You'll see these on Columbia River tribs this fall for sure. Comes in 5/6 - 10/11 floating, with MSRP $89.95 for the integrated line (includes head and running line).

Rio Short Head Spey: a great line for dry line fall steelhead

Line Size Color Head Weight Head Length Sink Rate Total Length
5/6F Blue / Straw 430gr 40ft / 12.2m Float 100ft / 30m
6/7F Blue / Straw 470gr 42ft / 12.8m Float 110ft / 33.8m
7/8F Blue / Straw 520gr 44ft / 13.4m Float 110ft / 33.8m
8/9F Blue / Straw 580gr 46ft / 14m Float 115ft / 35m
9/10F Blue / Straw 650gr 48ft / 14.6m Float 120ft / 36.5m
10/11F Blue / Straw 730gr 50ft / 15.2m Float 120ft / 36.5m

Come on into the shop and check 'em out, we've got our lines behind the counter, so don't be bashful and feel free to chat us up about where you're going fishing and we'll give you our best recommendation. We also carry Scientific Anglers, Airflo, Cortland, Nextcast spey lines and a smattering of specialty lines so we can get you what you need no matter the application.

All this line talk confusing? We offer casting instruction and spey instruction to demystify the world of fly lines and tighten up those loops.