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Friday, June 21, 2013

Product Review: Spirit River UV2 Tying Materials

Spirit River UV2 Multi Spectrum Dubbing
One of the coolest ideas to come out of fly tying materials recently, Spirit River UV2 materials reflect ultraviolet light to catch more fish. We've got dubbing, rabbit strips, grizzly barred soft hackles, marabou and schlappen in a variety of colors to try. Spice up steelhead patterns, tie up a UV reflective zonker, or dub up an irresistible nymph thorax. The sky is the limit!
UV2 materials enhance both the UVF and the UVR spectrum of reflected light. UVF is the fluorescent wavelength in bright colors, and it boosts the visibility of flies at distance. Basically it makes otherwise bright colors pop above and beyond what's normal.

Not readily detectable by human eyes, UVR is a spectrum of light that fish can see. Naturally occurring signatures of UVR light help mayflies find their mates, help bees find flowers and help fish target prey. By incorporating the UVR spectrum into tying materials, you're tapping into a dimension of fly design that goes beyond size, shape, color and movement! Try 'em out!

In order top to bottom: Schlappen, Marabou, Grizzly Soft Hackle, Dubbing, Rabbit Strips on Side
Spirit River recommends always tying in a base of pearl or silver Mylar or white thread to enhance the reflectivity of the patterns.

We're really looking forward to trying out these materials in lakes and the Sound. Dredging streamer patterns down deep in Pass Lake, enticing agro SRCs and unlocking the secret to lock-jawed coho perhaps? Only time will tell!

Brita's UV2 Sculpin Helmet Minnow Under The Blacklight