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Friday, June 21, 2013

Product Review: Hatch Reels

The first thing that comes to mind when you take a gander at the Hatch reels sitting in our reel case is "wow, what's that?" With the sleek lines and good looks of a race car, they don't quite look like anything else in the case. Pick one up and you'll immediately notice the light weight. Crank down the drag and you'll feel the smoothness of the multi-surface engagement. These aren't the heirloom quality reels of the past. With a healthy dose of tech, Hatch reels are a new breed, and after 10 years in the industry, the verdict is out: Hatch reels are bombproof and here to stay.

Here are a couple of cool features you'll appreciate as the fish of a lifetime takes off towards the horizon:

  • Multi-disc drag uses multiple Rulon and stainless-steel laser cut discs to apply braking pressure and disperse heat instead of a single surface on most drag systems (metal to cork or metal to plastic). This multi-disc setup reduces the momentum needed to get the reel spinning when a fish takes line, a.k.a. start-up intertia, and virtually eliminates problems with the drag slipping and sticking.
  • Cassette-style drag system is completely sealed, safe for salt water use
  • It's easy to remove the spool, all you have to do is undo the spool tension nut and and the spool comes out without a hitch. There are no pieces to lose or drop in the river
  • Hook guard in the bottom of the reel offers a place to keep your hooks tucked into the reel and out of the way

We can order you any size, and they come in mid-arbor and large-arbor sizes, but here's a gloss of the couple reels we currently have in the case (mid arbor only):

1 Plus Finatic - $350
Small creek finesse and an incredible feel. Think forks of the Snoqualmie with a 0 - 2 weight rod, mountain creeks with summertime dries and any other time you are chasing small but mighty fish.

5 Plus Finatic - $500
The do-it-all workhorse. From 5 - 7 weight applications. Around these parts, thats sea-run cutthroat off Seattle beaches, big streamers on the Yakima, and chasing pink salmon in summertime flows.

9 Plus Finatic - $750
Destined to land your hottest fish in warm-water destinations, the 9 Plus Finatic handles 9 - 12 weight lines. Also doubles as a nice spey reel with the light weight to balance today's 11.5 - 13 foot rods.
This older version of the Monsoon 7 Plus, which put the brakes on many a Bahamian bonefish.
More info here:

Come on in and check 'em out!