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Friday, June 28, 2013

Incredible Value and Great Looks: Wilderness Pro Nets

Wilderness Pro South Island Net - $40

Small local creeks, big westside water, eastside lakes and trips out to Idaho and Montana this summer all have one thing in common when you're fly fishing for trout - the need for a good net.

We've brought in a couple different Wilderness Pro Nets this summer, you'll find them on the wall to the right when you walk in the shop. The first thing you'll notice about these nets are their dapper good looks. The wood finish is smooth and pleasing to the touch, and the clear netting on the South Island and the Guide Net (not pictured, more below) really make the colors of netted fish stand out. They come with a clip you can attach to a D-rings and net retractors.

Wilderness Pro South Island -$40

Sized for large fish in fast waters, the South Island is an ideal net to keep strapped to your vest when wading a big river. Clear netting adds a stealth effect, and wood handle classes things up.

Wilderness Pro Guide Net - $54 (not pictured)

This one is the same as the South Island model, just with a longer handle so you stretch out on the net on that toad from your pontoon or drift boat, get it in for a quick shot, and release unharmed.

Wilderness Pro C&R Net - $30

Wilderness Pro C&R Net - $30.00
Small creeks and delicate dries on a 3 weight rod this summer? Check out the Wilderness Pro C&R Net. Soft netting is easy on trout, and small weave makes it easy to remove an Elk Hair Caddis from the mouth of an over-zealous Middle Fork bow. Hint, this one also works for the big fish.