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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Product Review: Hydro Flask - A Thermos You Can Drink Out Of

Given our habits of winter fishing in near-freezing drizzle, and the allure of the east-of-the Cascades trout stream during 100 degree days in the summertime, we brought in a full line of Hydro Flasks.

What can a Hydro Flask do that your regular water bottle can't? Local anglers need a water bottle that keeps hot liquids hot in winter and cold liquids cold in summer. It's gotta be BPA-free, durable, sweat-proof, freeze-proof, recyclable and come with a lifetime warranty. It has to take the full abuse of life in a drift boat or a gear bag, be easy to fill, stay closed when we want it closed, open easily when we're thirsty, and generally offer high quality. After a bit of testing and some judicious use of logo stickers, the Hydro Flask delivers.

Hydro Flasks beat that pants off your old poly water bottle in the following ways:
- Keep coffee, tea, and any liquid hot for 12 hrs.
- Keeps beer, juice, and any liquid cold cold for 24 hrs.
- Vacuum insulated like a Thermos, but cool to the touch even if you are carrying piping hot coffee
- Tough enough to take the abuse of a fish-crazed, butter-fingered angler
- Food grade stainless-steel construction with a durable, nontoxic powder coating
- Lots of cool accessores like a sports cap, coffee/tea sipping lid, and plastic free lid
- Soy-based ink used in logos

We've got them in multiple sizes. Sized to fit in a drink holder, the 17 oz. is perfect for coffee or tea. The bigger 21 oz. is about right for use as a water bottle , and the 64 oz. "Growler" is pretty self explanatory (has been known to work nicely with Kokanee).  We've got a few of the Food Flasks designed for hot chili or a cold fruit smoothie, and they vary in price from $25.99 to the $49.99 64 ounce "Growler".