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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sculpin Helmets

from FishSkull 
Sculpin Helmets
Small, Large, Olive and Brown

    What to do when the river levels spike and there's nothing but rain, sleet and eastside snow in the forecast?  Dust off the vice, of course. Or maybe extricate it from the last tying session's leftovers of krystal flash, marabou, peacock herl, spilled beer, rubber legs, cheetos dust and dubbing. 

The latest variation of the Fish Skull(TM) tying accessories is the Sculpin Helmet, and after some creative tying and testing we have to say they're pretty awesome.

The helmet offers a couple of distinct advantages over traditional methods of weighting a streamer pattern with eyes, lead wire, or a cone.

    First off, they're pretty darn heavy. Maybe not heavier than tungsten, but they drop. The small helmet we rate for five to six weight rods (rods with a 150-200 grain window).  Try them locally on our lakes, eastside trout and summertime on the Cedar river.  Throwing the larger helmets takes a two handed rod or single handed rods rated seven or eight weight (single hand grain window of 200-300 grains) .  The large helmet weighs a tenth of an ounce. Can anyone say Steelhead Sculpin?

    Secondly, not only do they jig up and down when stripped, but they zig-zag due to the shape of the helmet. This was an unexpected bonus when recently testing on a local lake. Any extra motion imparted in a streamer pattern is a plus, and putting a helmet on even a simple rabbit strip fly seemed to increase its motion.

Circle of tube-tied sculpin helmets
    And lastly, they can be tied on tubes. The small size works on 3/32" tubes, and the large on 1/8" tubes (we stock HMH, both available). On standard hooks we'd suggest using a (3X-4X) long streamer model, as the head takes up considerable space. Small helmets are fit for hooks size 6 through size 1, and the large helmets are best on hooks sized 2 through size 2/0.

And maybe it's inconsequential, but the added 3-D eyes really pop. It creates a profile much like a small, river-bound creature, with a look that just says, "Eat me!"
We've also got the standard Fish Skulls - great for Puget Sound!

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