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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Scientific Anglers Textured Fly Lines

It was May on Montana’s unusually “Mighty” Missouri river.  The manner in which we delivered our flies probably wasn’t going to be the most elegant thing in the world.   We knew that the task at hand remained relatively simple: get your fly down to where the fish are and hope they eat it. Easy, right?

We opted to string up the five weight rod with the Textured Nymph / Indicator line. Like the name “Textured” suggests, the outer portion of the line has a definitive feel to it that is similar, but not abrasive like the Sharkskin series.   The surface of the textured line is similar to that of dimples on a golf ball. These dimples reduce surface area when sailing through the guides of your favorite fly rod. 

The days on the river were cold, yet the line refused to retain memory. And when cast it laid out beautifully. The sound made by the line moving through the guides was not at all overbearing or distracting.    

With river conditions as they were, the rig of the day could be called anything but subtle.  To effectively present this mess you needed a decent roll-cast with a fly line that could turn all of this “junk" over.

Sporting a head length of forty nine feet, the taper of the line was specifically made for these types of scenarios. Also, the tip of the line is colored a bright Orange to help detect subtle takes.  Scientific Anglers seems to have blended the best features of their Sharkskin and their Mastery Series lines.  We highly recommend adding an Textured line to your arsenal.