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Monday, April 22, 2013

Affordable Water Access: Fish Cat Scout

Just in time for lake season! New from the folks at Outcast, the Fish Cat Scout offers access to local waters in a tough, frameless design.

Fishing in a float tube can be tough because of the necessity of kicking through tons of water to get back to the boat launch at the end of the day. The alternative, a full pontoon boat with oars, is heavier and a bit more money. That's where the Scout comes in.

It's sized to fit in the back of a pickup, or deflated in the trunk of a sedan, and weighs in at 35 lbs. That's light enough to get in and out of your vehicle without breaking a sweat, and it makes short trips to the water possible without a trailer. A solid hull with a low profile moves quickly in stillwaters, and a skilled and experienced oarsman can pilot the Scout in slow-moving rivers.

One of the best features of the Scout is the foot bar that allows the angler to kick up his feet and take advantage of this easy-to-row design. This feature, combined with a supportive, kayak-style adjustable backrest means you'll be comfortably covering any water you choose to fish. Having your feet in the water means you can troll with a sinking line or find a shallow spot and stand up to cast, and the tough oars can cover water quickly. We brought this one in for our celebrated stillwaters: Lone Lake, Pass Lake, Columbia Basin lakes, as well as destinations farther afield like Mocassin, Corbett and Dragon lake.

Includes a built-in gear pocket with a rod holder, fish apron with measurement marks, and tough, PVC outer and vinyl bladders.

Come on into the shop and check it out!

Durable Oar Locks

FishCat Scout Details
Dimensions: 7 ft. long by 55in. wide
Fabric: 500 denier PVC
Bladders: Vinyl
Weight: 35 lbs
Oars: 5 ft. 2 piece
5 year warranty