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Friday, February 10, 2012

Rods that make us want to fish!

Fly Rods @ The Avid Angler

We demo rods in the back of the shop or we take our, two-handed, spey rods across the street to the lake.  Come on down and test a new rod with one of our instructors, and you just might get a free casting tip!

We also offer casting lessons on an hourly basis here at the fly shop.  We recommend two hours to start with a second followup session.  If you are heading to the tropics then you might want to brush up on your double haul or casting with wind!

Just a few of the rods we like, and stock!  

CF Burkheimer
Burkeimer 7127-4
A summer-run stun gun!  Very lightweight two-handed rod with a quick-er action, but still has lots of feel.  Grain Window 420-550

Burheimer 590-4 DAL
Deep Action Load trout rods from Burkheimer are easy to approach fish with accurate casts that help you hooking ratio.  This rod is a true five weight, and can cast a double taper as well as a weight forward.  Come demo this rod and you will feel the Burkie mojo that you love in his two-handed rods.

R.L. Winston Rod
Boron BIIx 7133-4 
One of the best all around two-handed rods.  Most that own this rod, will never need another steelhead rod.  It handles winter run flies, lines and fish.  But this is a fishing tool that can cast a longer belly line with ease and has a truly "buttery" feel.  Grain Window 480-540

Never cast a two-handed rod?  Come to one of our monthly Spey clinics!

Boron BIIIx 696-4
Truly a do it all rod.  This rod has power for pushing flies into the wind off the beach, and has a moderate mid section to deliver roll casts till the cows come home.  Great rod for throwing chironomids setups, or high sticking your favorite trout stream.

Zenith 8136-4
This rod with throw dirt!  If you can tie it, this rod will huck it.  The team at Hardy has created a rod that is extremely powerful and will handle our Skagit lines with ease.  This rod is definitely a departure from the traditional action two-handed rods.  Grain Window 600+
Zenith 590-4
The Hardy Zenith five weight trout rod, has consistently been rated as a top weapon of choice.  Top notch components, rod sock, tube, tube sock and ferrel plugs compliment this wicked fishing tool.

Echo3 5100-4
New for 2011, the Echo3 trout rods are quickly becoming the rod of choice for our local anglers.  At $349, this rod comes in below most of the other high end rods on the market.  The blank is a beautiful light green and the cork is high quality and "grippy."

Echo3 7130-4
Until now, the Echo TR 7130 was the go to seven weight spey rod from Echo.   That quickly changed in 2012 with the addition of switch and spey rods in the Echo3's.  This rod is a great summer run rod, but also has the ability to pick up sink tips.  Check out this video of a wild Skagit buck landed on an Echo3 7130.

We ship sameday on orders placed before 2pm!

Xi3 589-4
Added in 2011, Sage Rods produced this cutthroat rod for our local Puget Sound saltwater beach fishing.  This stick is super lightweight, and at 8'9" travels through the casting stroke quickly when chasing our sea-run quarry.

TCX 7126-4
Dubbed the "death star," this spey rod can truly be fished year-round.  We can't wait for more rods like this from Sage with the addition of the Sage One two-handers in 2012.   For now, come down and try out Sage's most sought after two-handed rod in years.

Give us a call, or email, with any questions.  Thanks!

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Wenatchee River steelhead on the 7127-4 Burkheimer.  What a sweetheart!